One-sided overlay doors. The door leaf is invisible from the side outside and visible from inside.

  • two-chamber glass with a Ug coefficient of 0.7 W / m K
  • panel thickness up to 44 mm
  • thermal transmittance for doors Ud from 0.9 W / m K
  • external cladding made of 3 mm thick aluminum sheet
  • and the inner one is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheet
  • XPS polyurethane foam core
  • four variants of the structure ST, SI, SI + and Aero

Aluprof MB-86

The construction of panel doors is based on a system of thermally insulated aluminum sections

Aluprof MB-86 which is currently the most technologically advanced door system.

It is available in four versions of the structure of the frame and sash profiles:
ST, SI, SI + and AERO.

In the last of these versions, airgel was used, a material with excellent thermal insulation.

Technical data

Technical data
Profile dimensions [mm]
Frame depth
Wing depth
The thickness of the filling panel
36 / 77
Max. dimensions and weights of the structure
Max. leaf dimensions (HxL)
L up to 1400mm
H up to 2590 mm
Technical specifications
Thermal insulation (Ud)
from 0.61 W / m2K (for a 77mm panel)
Class 6A (250 Pa), PN-EN 12206: 2001
Air permeability
Class 3, PN-EN 12207: 2001
Wind load resistance
Class C5 / B5, PL-EN 12210: 2001