IDEAL 7000

The series of IDEAL 7000 profiles is dedicated to energy-saving construction. The construction depth of 85 mm and the six-chamber structure of the profiles guarantee above-average thermal insulation properties of the window.

In the tests, the system obtained the heat transfer coefficient of profiles with a Uf value of 1.1 W / m2K, which, combined with the possibility of using wider and warmer glazing units with a width of up to 51 mm, is a very attractive product proposition. The system enables easy connection of frames with other series of profiles with a depth of 85 mm. It is a system with an external seal, which makes it possible to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need to use adapters. A large chamber with solid steel reinforcement guarantees the stability of the frame. A wide range of decorative foils and a system of aluminum overlays make it possible to obtain virtually any color of the windows.

The new 7000 system is a six-chamber structure with a profile depth of 85 mm with a system of two gaskets and the possibility of glazing with glazing units up to 51 mm wide.


Ideal 7000+ profiles are another system variant of the ideal 7000 series introduced in 2015, which is a response to these growing requirements in the field of thermal insulation of window joinery.

Metal stiffeners in window profiles, due to high thermal conductivity, create a thermal bridge and deteriorate their thermal insulation properties. 7000+ is an innovative technology of co-extrusion of PVC profiles with the use of special thermoplastic inserts reinforced with glass fiber Ultradur® High Speed, developed in cooperation with BASF. These inserts successfully replace the steel used in conventional PVC window frames, providing significantly better thermal insulation properties with the same mechanical properties of the window. Thanks to the elimination of steel reinforcements within the profiles of the Ideal 7000+ series, thermal bridges are limited, and the heat transfer coefficient of the frames for this series is Uf = 1.0W / m2K, which is a very good result for a system with external sealing.

The structure of the profiles also allows for further improvement of the thermal permeability of sections by optionally filling some internal chambers with thermal insulation material.