IDEAL 4000+

The Ideal 4000+ system is a new generation of profiles that already meet the requirements of future windows. They combine the most modern technology with the highest comfort of living.

The strong structure of the profiles with a depth of 85 mm and large chambers for steel reinforcements guarantee optimal static parameters and enable the production of large-size windows. The multi-chamber structure ensures high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Original and harmonious design, combined with a wealth of system solutions, give unlimited possibilities to create windows and thus emphasize your own style. Classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with clear contours of the non-flush version are a guarantee of timeless elegance. For people looking for unique opportunities to create their windows, a round-line series was created, distinguished by delicate optics and gentle curves.

Thanks to the rounded contours, the windows have a very attractive appearance and fit perfectly into the character of modern interiors. Different types of glazing beads allow for additional styling of the window and matching it to the character of the interior. The system is universal in its applications, it is perfect for modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing.

The 6-chamber system with a depth of 85 mm, with an external seal.